Don’t re-invent the wheel. Just use it.


The reason we picked “The Wheel” for our business metaphor is because wheels are based on circles. Wheels are applied circles. Wheels can bring you anywhere. They never stop. They gain momentum quickly. They can empower you to go further than you thought with self-sustainable power.

Think of our platforms as “water-wheels”. Water-wheels are powered by a stream. In our case a stream of information and knowledge. And the stronger the stream flows, the stronger the wheel spins. Like a turbine storing much more energy than it took to turn. We then use that stored energy to empower our lives.

The more you use your community portal the more revenue you generate for your institution. The more revenue, the more you are empowered with alternative funding. The more funding the more you can do. Then you write about it, talk about it, take photos of it, or record it on video. The more activity, the more the power of social commerce pays off. You get the idea.

A never ending synergy based mechanism.

So don’t spin your wheels building your own version partner with us and let us do it for you – for FREE!

We (literally) give you – an infinite, self-sustainable power source – the “wheel”.


We provide you with a turnkey, customizable, no cost, revenue generating solution with:

  • Customized version of an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) community portal
  • A safe, secure, moderated, controllable social network
  • Forums and Groups
  • Web applications
  • Amazon powered store which generates 4% commission back to your institution
  • Pages of regional “BigBox” stores and services
  • Corporate information for career planning
  • Event Calendar and personal date book
  • Video and audio conference capabilities
  • Ability to upload rich media content
  • Administrative access, approval stages and control
  • e-Learning modules (if desired)
  • App version for viewing and uploading content via your mobile device use
  • Social media presence and marketing
  • Site search capability
  • Research storage
  • Hosting on a Virtual Private Server – web-based – never weighs down your IT department
  • Access to over 4,000 colleges and their online newspapers
  • Scholarship and grant info
  • Current news, games and entertainment RSS Feeds from leading content providers
  • All supported by 12 shared revenue streams with 70% returned-to-you after costs

Our solution is totally customizable for the look and feel of your institution and we host it for free off-site, with no liability to you and provide on-site administration help in the form of campus representatives that are on our staff.

Get behind “The Wheel” and take our solutions for a test drive.

K-12 solution “from classroom to college to career” –

College solution “for serious students and… serious fun” –

Literary solution “Turn over a new page” –

Visual and performing arts solution “Support the arts” –