What is DigiEd?

DigiEd Incorporated is a digital education solutions company that produces a network of distribution platforms for the academic, literary and arts marketplace. This first products developed by the company are theCampusCenter.comhonorscholar.com and theLibraryCenter.org, and theMuseumCenter.org.

A very smart friend of ours gave us the tagline – “one model multiple solutions”.

All four platforms are safe, no cost, community portals that feature different streams of revenue sharing for institutions. It is Web based so no need to weigh down IT or your current website.

Today we need to fund non-profits at all levels. Tuition has topped out, endowments have been hurt by the current fiscal crisis and fundraising is at a standstill. Educational institutions are in desperate need of new alternative revenue streams. We provide those streams plus hosting, customer service, an administration representative, and email/phone tech support all at no cost to these institutions and alleviate some IT concerns and can link to your current LMS connection.

All for FREE and let you share in the revenue generation.

Both have a research center that contains validated, peer-reviewed links that aid students in doing their research while also diminishing the time it takes to find relevant, qualified research. Students and faculty can also contribute research links by sending them to us.

There are class forums and study forums that can be customized for each class. We can also customize to your look and feel via our CSS structure. And allow you to upload and modify content from wherever and whenever you like.

You can do your research in our Research Center, add to Class Forums and then add to myNotes. Once you’re finished collecting your data you can then create your paper in MyPapers – research notes, citations, links, audio, images, video, whatever you need and save it and send it via email to your teacher or professor.

We provide up to the minute news, sports, games, entertainment and RSS feeds. You can also chat with friends in the Members section or just check your Weather. We have a section for you to post your Resume and a Job Search area for you to find or post a job.

Also we have a full Amazon powered College Store for all your needs. Anything Amazon.com carries we have as well. Plus we are working with the BigBox stores and local merchants to bring regional deals.  And every time you order from their store it helps your school create donations, scholarships and much needed revenue to help keep costs in line with these tough economic times.

We will be rewarding users with a point system that is redeemable at many vendors and retailers. All this and it helps in revenue generation for the institutions that use it.

We employ all those revenue streams and services through a simple model based on open source code and non-proprietary backend.

We invite libraries, museums, school districts, colleges and universities to signup on our Virtual Private Server, have the site customized to look and feel like your institution and then start benefiting from the revenue sharing and cost savings.

Everything is here for your daily needs. It is just finding the right source that is usually tough. We make it easier, quicker and more reliable.


from classroom to college to career – honorscholar.com

for serious students and… serious fun – theCampusCenter.com

Turn over a new pagetheLibrarycenter.org

Support the artstheMuseumCenter.org


Founder – patrick@digiedcorp.com