Glad you asked. Simple!

We provide you with a necessary service for absolutely no cost. We have built a vehicle that you simply drive and guess what? You never run out of power – actually you make revenue just by using it. Let us explain more.

Today colleges, universities and most non-profit institutions are spending time, money and resources building portals that have no return on investment. They are re-inventing the wheel. Don’t bother. We did it for you.

We have built a turnkey, customizable, no cost, revenue generating solution to this need, with e-Learning modules, and all supported by Social and e-Commerce whose revenues we share with the schools, colleges, universities and most non-profit institutions that use our service. It is totally customizable for the look and feel of your institution and we host it for free and provide administration help in the form of campus representatives that are on our staff. We do all the work you just fill it with your content.

Simply put you spend nothing and make revenue.

Can we access it from anywhere?
Yes. The site can be accessed anywhere with any Web enabled device, laptops, desktops, iPhones, iPads, iTouch, or any other Web enabled device. Plus we can provide an app so that you can update from anywhere as well.

Can it look and feel like us?
Yes. It will look and feel like your institution and be connected to your resources. You will have total admin capabilities and can review any profile or content you wish.

How do you monitor the usage?
Simple. Each institution will have its own VPS (Virtual Private Server) that is setup specifically for them. You can use your school email or better yet get a Gmail account. We will create a database from registration forms when you sign up and when that user logs in they go directly to their school’s portal.

Does it work like an LMS?
Yes and No. Great answer, right?
You can create groups and forums and pretty much the basics. We have pHp forums setup that faculty and students can input data. Users can then access the proper course from our search listing and set up a MyClass Forums structure. Faculty and students can use this structure to conduct online classes or simply point to a URL of their choosing.

We do however partner with LMSs and we can simply include the login page on your site. This way no students are getting lost or jumping off into the great blue web.

Can anyone upload or edit content photos or media upload?
You decide who has control. You can set user levels as you wish. Limit user levels as you like. You can have photos in public view or just in your private profile if you wish. However due to many issues arising today such as future employers reviewing these sites, you can keep what you want private and only show a base “virtual” profile.
You can embed any media you want and use it in your papers section. Then send that to your professor in email format. No more printing of papers and professors can reply via email with comments and grades. You don’t build a web page we do it for you through MyPapers. And it is all stored in your profile for you to print or retrieve or edit at anytime. It is Software as a System.

Can we read eBooks?
Yes. You can download any e-Book as a .pdf or simply click on a link to a number of eBook sites right from your computer.
You can also access your school’s library resources by logging in to them through our site. It will pop up the page and you’re in.

What about your research center?
Our research center is built on peer-reviewed, pre-qualified links sent in from faculty and students. Soon we will be adding a submit button to the center so that you can get Reward Points for every valid link you provide. These points will be redeemable at a host of vendors.

Can we add friends?
Yes. You can control who can add friends. Best is they can be from anywhere around the world. You can also add MyMajors – friends that are studying in your major. Form study groups and discuss topics.

Can our friends share information?
Yes. If you friend someone they have access to MyNotes andMyPapers. But watch it because your professors also will have access so no plagiarism. It will get you expelled.

Can we upload music and video?
Yes. But it must be copyright free. Soon all Digital Rights Management issues will be resolved and this problem will go away. But for now watch what you upload.

What about career opportunities?
You can post your resume and submit it to our career search database. Employers have access to search based on major. Include your email but we would really suggest no address or phone number unless you want. Most contact today is done through email.

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